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Georgie & Eddy

H I !

I'm so glad you decided to come and check out my new blog!

So I have decided to start a blog where I am going to write about my sessions and share some of my own personal favourite images from them, I will also write about any updates on my business.

Before I started this business I wanted to photograph my friends and family to gain experience, practice being professional and begin my working portfolio. Luckily for me my best friend was pregnant with her first born and was all up for a maternity shoot. I'll be honest, I find it much easier photographing friends and family as it's easier for me to boss them about and tell them how it is without offending haha! You will see from the pictures my bestie and her husband are gorgeous and were the perfect models for my first proper session.

Whilst we were at it we took the opportunity to do a milk bath too. I had done them before with my children as babies but this was the first for someone else. It was so fun and we found the whole thing hilarious. What better way to work than laughing all day?!

Thanks for checking in and reading! I hope you like the images, please feel free to share away 😊 . For now, this is my first post and I'm keeping it short and sweet.


Gossip girl

Sorry I mean,

Rose x

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