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Hi, I'm Rose, I'm 35 years old, happily married to a wonderful guy I met when I was 16, Darren, and proud mummy to 3 beautiful little girls; our eldest Ivy and identical twins Amber & Skye. My family are my whole world. 

I have always been a creative soul. I grew up drawing, designing clothes and dressing paper dolls, visiting art galleries and museums. My mum was always painting, decorating and crafting and my Dad had a passion for photography. He encouraged me to start taking photographs of the beautiful world around us and was the first to tell me 'I had a good eye for it'.


I lost my Dad at 17 years old and have ever since had a huge appreciation for photographs and capturing memories. They mean the world to me and this plays a huge part in my work. After all when we are no longer here they are all that are left.

I studied Art & Design for 3 years in college followed by a degree in Fashion Photography at university.


I have been incredibly lucky the past 8 years to be a stay-at-home mum to our girls. I love spending every day with them and won't take a single moment for granted. The girls are my muses, I love photographing them and documenting their lives.


Starting Rose Wooder Photography is equally as exciting for me as it is daunting. I aim to capture natural and organic moments, emotion and the little details. I love sunset, natural light and will see you either at an outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home. A session with me is about having fun, relaxing, playing, and loving. 

I hope you like my images and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Rose x


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